On Jan 12nd 2021 Adobe finally made the move which has been announced for years and triggered the kill switch in Adobe Flash.

The results have not been pretty, a lot of critical enterprise software simply stopped working, including all versions of CallReplay v9 and earlier.

Fortunately we have prepared for this meteor for a few years: CallReplay v10, released in March 2020, was the first version supporting both HTML5 and Flash at the same time, in a hybrid working mode which minimized disruptions to customers. That was followed quickly by v10.1, in July 2020 which improved stability if the HTML version and made the Flash GUI obsolete.

With the v10.2 release, we are completely removing Flash from CallReplay as well as the old Flash GUI.

Please upgrade today, you will find v10.2 so much better. For Windows 2012 and later, upgrade is a simple install the latest version, then Next, Next, .... For older installations, please follow the instructions.