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The major feature in is the initial beta release of the CallReplay Transcription technology, a fully in-house speech-to-text transcription technology, available in the cloud or on the premises.

The fundamental issue with call recording is that less than 2% of all calls get listened by a human supervisor, because there is simply not enough physical time for a supervisor to listen to 50+ agents. But a human can read about 10x faster than they can listen, so the coverage can be improved tremendously. Other things made possible by speech-to-text:

  1. Include the content of calls in documents and reports.

  2. Searching through calls

  3. Use trigger words to send notifications.

  4. Sentiment Analysis.

  5. Content Classification

Important Facts about CallReplay Transcription:

  1. Transcribes English to text, which can then be used to assist playback or exported.

  2. 96% accuracy on our test set, but  we can improve for any given customer. We can also add industry specific vocabulary.

  3. We can add more languages on request.

  4. Usable on premises or as a cloud service. During the beta we will only provide it as a cloud service to minimize problem resolution time.

  5. 100% life cycle control with 100% of source code under RAI’s control and management. So if any quality problem appears, we can fix it.

  6. Fully integrated with the call recorder's UI. Words are highlighted during playback. Clicking on a word will direct the player to the relavant position.
  7. Very easy to access using either HTTP or our Java SDK. Partnerships are welcome!

  8. Very fast transcription speed compared to other cloud providers, get your transcription back in minutes not days.

Coming Soon

  • Real-time transcription for triggering alerts
  • Full text search
  • Sentiment Analysis.
  • Content Classification

Please let us know if you have any questions of this new and exciting technology. We can also schedule a phone call at your convenience.


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