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There are two CallReplayTM editions available: Evaluation and Production.

The Production edition is commercial and provides all the outstanding features packaged into an easy to install kit. The Evaluation edition is a 30 calendar days time limited version (or based on license granted), that contains all the benefits available for Production edition.

If you want an evaluation license, you can request it via email from or

You can find the latest versions of CallReplayTM including the Evaluation edition on our website at CallReplay Download page.

Technical Specification


  • Cisco CallManager (all versions)
  • CallManager Express
  • NEC Univerge - SV8000 series, IP only
  • generic SIP
  • IPTrade turrets

IP Phones

  • All Cisco IP Phones
  • All SIP phones

Operating System

  • Any Windows OS 64 bit
  • VM compatible

Hardware Requirements

  • Software only recording system, no proprietary cards
  • Industry-standard Intel compatible server supplied by customer
  • At least 8 GB RAM and 4 CPUs (6 vCPUs)
  • Network connection to voice traffic, using a hub or a mirrored port for promiscuous mode network sniffing

Recording Capacity

  • Up to 400 simultaneous calls on a single quad core CPU

Retention Capacity

  • Speech compression, VBR, Stereo, 170 hours per GB
  • ~ 18,000 compressed talk hours on one 120GB HDD

Supported codecs

  • G.711 A-law and μ-law
  • G.722
  • G.729 (extra options: G.729A, G.729B, G.729AB)
  • Opus

Recording Architecture

  • Passive network sniffer, Skinny Protocol
  • SIP trunk recorder compatible with newer Cisco phones
  • Stereo, each party is heard in a different channel

Embedded Database

PostgreSQL 12


  • Secure access to recordings
  • Managers have access to calls based on logical departments filters

Call records access

  • Modern evergreen browsers: Chrome, Firefox, (new) Edge
  • Phone Service interface (on Cisco IP Phones 7940, 7960, 7970)


  • Technical Support includes Software Upgrades
  • TeamViewer software included
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