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You can download the latest version of CallReplayTM from the CallReplay Download website. Earlier versions of CallReplay can be found at the same location.

To install CallReplay v.10 you need to download and run CallReplaySetup10.0.0.xx.exe

Please refer to Specifications and Requirements sections before launching the installation kit.

Install CallReplayTM

The installation is straight forward and the package contains everything is required by the system to run without any further intervention. Just follow the screens.

Welcome Screen

  1. Check if the setup version you are running is the latest available from our web site.
  2. Launch the setup executable
  3. Select a language and OK

Make sure you have read the Requirements chapter before proceeding further.  

License Agreement

  1. Click "I Accept" if you agree with our license. You may not use the software if you do not agree.
  2. Click Next

 Destination Folder

  1. Select the destination folder for the application binaries (calls are stored separately);
  2. Click Next.

Data folder for storing call recordings and database files

This is the folder where all the user data, including audio files, the database, logs and licenses will be stored. Please select the disk with the maximum available free space. Use a RAID protected disk for this folder.


Site Configuration

At the end of the setup, the Site configuration application will launch the PreConfiguration web page to assist configuring of the name, IP and port of the administration web site. You may use port 80 if it is not used by another web server.
The IP of the website is also used for licensing purposes.
Press OK to start the administration web site.

Database Setup

This page appears only if the database does not already exists in the data folder. You have two options:

  1. If this is a fresh installation (not an upgrade), the left-side panel should be used. Enter the administration account and password for the new database, then click the Create Database button.


Login page

 Enter the user name and password. When running with an evaluation license, this page always displays the name of an administrator and a public password "eval" which works for every user.


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