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By default, the CallReplay web interface can be accessed via plain HTTP, however SSL can be enabled from the System > HTTPS menu. This will allow users to log in to CallReplay securely over a HTTPS connection. The administrator can generate a new certificate or use an existing one.

In System > HTTPS, under the Connection Type dropdown list, switch to Secure:

System > HTTPS

The Certificate Configurator window should appear. Here you can generate a self-signed certificate, or import an already existing certificate. You can also change the existing certificate and start using a different one.

Generate Self-Signed Certificate

To generate a new certificate, make sure the Generate Self-Signed Certificate radio box is checked and click Finish. A confirmation to restart the CallReplay service will appear.

Click Yes to restart the CallReplay service and enable the new settings.

To check the new connection type, open a web browser and go to https://IP_OF_RECORDER/. If the certificate is not signed by a CA authority, you will most likely need to explicitely tell the browser to accept the public certificate:

Confirm the security exception. Next, the CallReplay login interface should appear. The System > HTTPS window should show information about the currently used certificate:


Import Certificate

You may want to use an already existing certificate, in which case in the Certificate Configurator window make sure the Import Certificate radio box is checked:

Click Next. In the window that appears, browse to the location of the certificate file (pfx/p12) that you want to import.

Click Next. A window showing available certificates will appear. Select the desired one and click Next.

Restart the CallReplay service to enable the new settings.

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