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Replay Calls >Audio Player

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From here you can Play your selected call by pressing the highlighted button.
Notice the caller ID's, first the caller then the called, the start date&time and the duration.


You can assign more users/categories to a call04-callinfo4.pngImage Removed


Editing Descriptions

In the text box enter the description you want. Then click the Save button.


The options presented are Save Call or sending it by E-mail using the Wav or the Speex format.04-callinfo6.pngImage Removed


Wav(Waveform Audio) A common audio uncompressed file format for Windows computers (.wav). It has the advantage of being played by any Microsoft Windows sound application, the disadvantage being that it is uncompressed, thus, very large.
SpeexA free software speech codec designed for VoIP which provides very good quality speech and low bit rate, thus, occupying less disk space.


Replay Calls > Add to Customer

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You can select an existing customer or add a new one.


In the Replay Calls page you can search recordings05-advsrchusr.pngImage Removed

You can add filters to the selection tool by clicking the ... button so you may customize your search.. After you finish the filter, press Refresh.