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Replay Calls is the main user page. From here you can play and search recordings and access the call details page for each recording. Video recordings can also be accessed from hereIntroduction

From the top menu choose Replay Calls:

Menu > Replay Calls

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In the Replay Calls menu you can see by default all calls recorded today. They can be found in the All folder on the left and distributed among the users.


If a call is in progress it can be monitored . For this, press the speaker button and the following window is shown:

Replay Calls >Audio Player

03-monitor.pngImage Removedby selecting the play icon within Active Calls

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Properties of the call


Replay Calls >Call Properties

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Here you can view the call/video details, view/change the call's category, set description of call or export the call to email or to disk using wav or speex format. 


In the text box enter the description you want. Then click the Save button.

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Quick Save - Mailing